My Rembrandt
Необыкновенные приключения картин Рембрандта из частных коллекций: открытия, интриги и расследования

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There are men who created masterpieces. Canova is certainly one of them.
350 ₽
Aleksandrovskiy Park, 4/3, A
м. Gorkovskaya
Language: Italian, russian
Ligovskiy Ave, 30A, Galereya SEC
м. Ploschad Vosstaniya
Language: Italian, russian
Kosmonavtov Ave, 14, Piter – Raduga SEC
м. Park Pobedy, Mezhdunarodnaya
Language: Italian, russian

The Man Who Stole Banksy

It is 2007. Banksy and his team enter Palestine to paint on the West Bank walls. But something went wrong...

The World According to Anish Kapoor

Art on the verge of magic: one of the most influential sculptors of our time invites you to the sancta sanctorum: his workshops
provides a unique
to experience
art history
in the comfort
of cinema halls.
Best documentaries about renowned artists and art movements that changed the world; loudest exhibitions of the past decade that were given a second life on the big screen, - all this now in a new format.

Films included in the ArtLektory course are devoted to the most significant periods in the history of art, from Renaissance to Impressionism and from the Golden Age of Dutch painting to Russian avant-garde.

Art critics and actors, historians and musicians unite through the possibilities of cinema, to talk about their favourite works of art and museums, while close-ups and HD-filming give viewers the effect of personally being before great paintings in museums anywhere in the world.

Thanks to ART IN CINEMAS art history is becoming closer than ever!

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